Removing Blood from Carpet

How to remove blood stains from carpet

Blood stains on carpet can be very unsightly and a potential health hazard. Accidents do happen and from time to time you may encounter the need for removing blood from carpet. Follow the simple steps below that show how to remove blood stains from carpet

  1. Soak up as much of the blood stain as you can with a clean dry cloth. This will help prevent the blood from soaking into the carpet fibers. (take care not to scrub carpet)
  2. Fill a medium bowl with clean cold water
  3. Using a clean sponge or cloth towel gently blot the cold water onto the blood stain (take care not to scrub carpet)
  4. Using a clean dry white cloth towel gently blot up the stain (take care not to scrub carpet)
  5. If the the blood is still visible on the carpet grab a bottle of household hydrogen peroxide and gently blot this onto the blood stain. The hydrogen peroxide will react with the blood and start to foam. Blot up the foam.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until stain is gone.
  7. When stain has lifted thoroughly rinse area with cold water (take care not to scrub carpet)
  8. After rinsing is complete soak up any remaining moisture from the carpet with a clean dry cloth towel. (take care not to scrub carpet)

This method works well on new or fresh blood stains. If the stain has been on the carpet for several days or longer you may need to hire a professional cleaning company to remove the blood stain for you.

There are also many products available like Spot Out Professional Strength that remove blood stains from carpet.

When ever removing a stain from your carpet take care not to scrub your carpet. Scrubbing your carpet may damage the carpet fibers and leave your carpet with a frayed worn appearance. Always blot with an up and down motion pressing into the carpet then lifting up and away from the carpet and repeating.

Always test any stain removal remedy in an inconspicuous area to ensure color fastness and that it does not damage your carpet.